Custom icons in windows 8

Lots of people like to ad new icons created by themselves or from the windows library let see how to Install Custom icons in windows 8.

Note:You can create your own icon or you can use online services(lots of services are available for this) but remember the extension of those files should be ".ico" 

Steps For Installing Custom icons in windows 8-

1. Go to Metro UI screen & right click on the “Windows Explorer” icon. As soon as you click you will see “Advanced” option in the bottom right corner.
2. Click on “Advanced” icon & select “Open file location”.

3. After the window has opened right clock on “windows explorer” & click on “Properties”.

4. In the properties window go to “Shortcut” tab. Press “Change Icon”.

5. Now browse drives & select Icon to apply. Select “fav.ico” from Desktop (previously saved) & “open” it.

6. Now, press “ok”.

7. Click “ok” (or “apply” & then “ok”).

8. Close all the opened windows & go back to Metro UI screen. You will see that “windows Explorer” icon has been changed.