Automatic Windows 8 Repair

In this post i'll tell you how to run a Automatic Repair at boot to automatically fix some of the windows problems Like Missing or damaged System files  that keep Windows 8 from loading at startup. 
Startup repair cannot fix hardware failures, such as a failing hard disk or incompatible memory, nor does it protect against virus attacks. Automatic Repair is not designed to fix Windows installation problems.

Steps for Running a Automatic Windows Repair-

1. Boot to the System Recovery Options screen, and click on Advanced options and Automatic Repair. (see screenshot below)

2. If prompted, select an administrator account. 
Remember Standard user accounts and domain accounts on the computer will not be listed.

Then you will be asked for the Password for that Account, Enter the password for the selected administrator account, and click on Continue.
Remember If you need to change the keyboard layout (language), then do so before entering your password so it will be the same language that the password was set in and match.

3. Automatic Repair will now start "Diagnosing your PC", and attempt to automatically repair them.
Remember Automatic Repair might prompt you to make choices as it tries to fix the problem, and if necessary, it might restart your computer as it makes repairs.

4. If startup repair could not find problems or repair your computer, then either click on Shut down to turn off your PC, or click on Advanced options to go back to step 1. 
NOTE: Sometimes it may take to run Automatic Repair 3 times to fix the startup issue.